A big drop doesn’t have to mean a new smartphone

How much would you pay to protect your smartphone from accidental drops and bumps? How about $35? That’s how much you’d need to invest in the newest in smartphone-protection science, according to a recent feature by the New York Times’ Gadgetwise blog.

Science of protection

The New York Times’ Gadgetwise column just detailed the growing science behind protect cases for cell phones. Based on the column, the new cases are shockingly effective, protecting smartphones from the bumps and slams that might otherwise knock them out.


The Gadgetwise column discusses London’s Tech21. The firm has invented a polymer, named D30 which it injects in its protective cases. This polymer absorbs and redistributes the force of a fall or bang, protecting the phones they encompass.

An investment worth making?

The best news? The cases made by Tech21 are reasonably priced, according to the Times. The company’s Impact Band case costs $30. Its more upscale Impact Mesh will cost you $35. That’s not a lot of cash to spend on ensuring peace of mind.

Posted on: 07.26.13