Network Engineer

Position Overview

The Level-2 Network Engineer position’s primarily responsibility is to provide second level support to Waypoint clients and provide overflow resources for level I support.  Additionally this position will perform routine network systems maintenance, advanced infrastructure management and troubleshooting.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

Support Queue

  •  Accept escalations from the Level 1 support queue
  •  Provide overflow assistance to Level 1 support queue
  •  Remotely assist clients with support needs
  •  Clearly communicate status on problems as well as resolution
  •  Exceed SLA guarantees to Waypoint clients
  •  Clearly document all tasks
  •  Maintain high customer satisfaction


  • Provide mentorship to Level 1 support personnel

Windows Server

  • Exchange Server 2003/2007/2010

o   Familiar with the full setup and migration

o   Certificate installation and management

o   Organizational policies

o   Advanced troubleshooting

  •   Domain Controller

o   Full setup and migration

o   Organizational policies

o   Advanced troubleshooting

o   DNS setup and management

  • DHCP server

o   Full setup

o   Advanced troubleshooting


  • Setup of backup software/BDRs/Vaults
  • Backup set creation
  • Scheduling
  • Notification
  • Troubleshooting
  • Restore Files — ADVANCED

Switches and Routers

  • Basic Switch setup including simple vlan creation (non VTP)
  • Basic layer 3 routing
  • Limited troubleshooting
  • DHCP scope creation and management


  •   WCS / Wireless Controllers

o   Add Move Change

  •   Standalone AP

o   Setup

o   Troubleshooting


  • Basic setup for SMBs

o   Simple VPN tunnel

  • VPN Clients

o   Simple NAT / Access list management

Virtual Servers – Vware and HyperV

  • Create new VM’s
  • Modify VM hardware settings
  • Resizing virtual disks
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • GEneral understanding of virtualization technology

Voice (minimal)

  • Call manager (and below)

– Add move change

– Phone connectivity troubleshooting

– Switch vlan setup for voice

Required Qualifications

–          Minimum 3-5 year Network Administrator level experience working as an outside support resource or relevant experience working as an internal support resource trouble-shooting servers and desktops, preferable as an IT service tech, in an array of different environments

–          Beneficial, but not required – Two-year degree, or active pursuit of a two-year degree

–          Beneficial, but not required – MCSE or current MCP certifications with competency in Microsoft Server Operating System software.  Microsoft server Operating System certification required within the first three months of employment:

o    Windows SBS 2003/2008/2011

o    Windows 2003/2008/2012 Server

o    Windows 7/8

–          CompTIA certifications are a plus

–          Firm understanding of networking principles:

o    Client Server networking

o    TCP/IP

§  Routing

§  DNS



§  the Internet

o    Switching

–          Knowledge of CAT5 wiring

–          Firm knowledge of wireless security and wireless client configuration

–          Knowledge of Active Directory

o    Ability to describe in basic detail applications of Group Policy

–          Firm understanding of network firewalling/security technology

o    NAT

o    Port mapping

o    Access-lists

–          Firm knowledge of server maintenance tasks:

o    Backup software monitoring and troubleshooting

o    Disk defragmentation

o    Event log review

o    Hardware monitoring tool review

–          Corporate antivirus software experience

–          Spyware removal

–          Troubleshooting fundamentals

o    Ability to break problems down and use a logical process of elimination

–          Firm understanding of server and desktop hardware

o    Ability to diagnose hardware problems

o    Understanding of different RAID levels

o    Familiarity with server and desktop hardware diagnostic tools

–          Firm understanding of mobile device configurations and support

–          Ability to follow complex detailed instructions to accomplish more complex tasks.


If you are interested in this position at Waypoint please contact them here.