Antivirus Software: Not As Protective As You Think

If you’re a conscientious computer user, you make certain to keep your antivirus software up to date. It’s the only way to guard your computer from viruses and malware, right? According to a recent story by MIT’s Technology Review, no.

Antivirus Software: Unreliable?

The Technology Review story, in fact, says that today’s antivirus software can no longer be relied on to protect computers from the more advanced viruses that are being unleashed on a seemingly daily basis. The story is enough to make any computer user – even individuals who have armed their laptops and desktops with the latest versions of the most robust antivirus software on the market – think carefully before zipping along the Internet.

Burned by Flame

One of the most complex examples of malware to date is Flame. Flame copies documents, audio, network traffic, and keystrokes made on a computer which has been infected by it. The scary thing is, Flame has been active for a couple years now. During all of this time, no security software has been developed to detect this malware.

An Industry Under Siege

According to the Technology Review story, Flame is not the only malware that gets by standard antivirus software. There are many other examples the story covers but one antivirus firm labeled Flame as an example of a failure in the antivirus industry. All this means is your computer may be more prone than you had previously thought. That is not to say that you should not take every measure possible to protect your computer by installing and updating antivirus software. Hopefully antivirus technology will catch up and become as sophisticated as much of the malware out there.


Posted on: 09.26.12