Apple on the way down? Maybe not

Apple’s critics are hard on the company lately, blasting it for failing to come out with any innovative products since the death of founder Steve Jobs. But a recent feature story by Entrepreneur provides evidence that the criticism might be misplaced. According to the story, Boston Consulting Group recently ranked Apple first on its annual list of the most innovative companies. This is the ninth consecutive year that Apple has nabbed this honor.

Rivals doing well, too

According to Entrepreneur, Apple’s biggest rival today, Samsung, came in number two on the list. Yet another tech giant, Google, fell from second in 2012 to third this year. Samsung’s position is more impressive when you consider that it was 26th in last year’s survey by Boston Consulting Group.

Tech rules

It’s little surprise that companies like Apple, Samsung and Google rank so highly on Boston Consulting’s list. As Entrepreneur says, tech companies tend to dominate this list of innovative firms. This year’s list proves the point: Microsoft is fourth, while IBM ranks sixth. Amazon enjoyed a strong seventh-place showing, while Sony came in at 11th place, also solid.

Apple and innovation

What will Apple’s next breakthrough product be? Who knows? What’s clear, though, is that Apple, despite its recent challenges and the attacks by critics, is still regarded as one of the most — if not the most — innovative companies . And the chances are high that Apple will top Boston Consulting’s list next year, as well.

Posted on: 11.27.13