Are You Using YouTube in Your Business?

Great Ways to Get YouTube into Your Business

YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the planet, and by far the most flexible. You can embed YouTube videos easily and quickly just about anywhere, and multiply your marketing efforts with ease. Moreover, utilizing YouTube marketing in your business is a very cost-effective way to drive traffic and sales. You’ve heard the stats touting YouTube as the giant it is, and why you really need to use it in your business. Nevertheless, it’s not always obvious precisely how to go about that.

Let’s look at 7 ways you can incorporate YouTube into your business quickly and profitably.

  1. Create videos of your products and Here’s your opportunity to show your stuff in action. Try to make these videos fun, and not overly technical. Emphasize what benefits they can give to the buyers.
  2. Drive lots of traffic – Videos can drive LOTS of traffic! Make sure you properly optimize your YouTube videos, and learn the specifics of what it takes to rank them well. Just so you know, it’s far easier to rank a video compared to a web page. Something to think about.
  3. Create a dedicated YouTube channel for your brand – Creating a specific YouTube channel for your business can help in many ways, particularly in Google rankings. YouTube is also a social network, so you would be wise to keep watch over any comments that pop up on your videos and channel.
  4. Put a face on your business – Letting people meet you and some of your staff via video is a marvelous way to build trust.
  5. Create tip videos – Use this platform to generate legions of views and viewers by creating tip videos that show off your knowledge in helpful ways your people are seeking.
  6. Link to your videos with social media – These days it’s very important to link our properties together, in order to create not only better search rankings, but also social media traffic. Be sure to include links on your social media sites!
  7. Use customer testimonials – A fantastic way to showcase both your customers, (who’ll become raving fans!) and provide social proof regarding your products and services.

Posted on: 08.20.14