Avoiding the e-mail crush following a vacation

What’s the worst part about going on a vacation? The thought of coming back to a overloaded e-mail inbox? Fortunately, you are able to take steps to prevent this, and Jonathan Feldman, a contributing editor at InformationWeek lets you know how.


First, Feldman writes, you’ll want to find a helper in the office, someone who is able to deal with your e-mail messages when you are gone. It is not exactly a sought-after position, so you’ll have to promise to do the same thing for your helper when this helper is on vacation.

Before your trip

Before your vacation, tell your colleagues and friends that you’re going on vacation. Explain that a co-worker will be handling your e-mails while you’re gone. And, yes, explain that this means someone else besides you will be reading your e-mail. Remember to set up your e-mail rules so that your messages go directly to your helper.

A happy return

Next, create e-mail rules so that your messages go straight to your helper when you are gone. Also send the e-mails to a new folder called “vacation.” Once you return, your helper ought to have placed your e-mails into specific categories. And if you need further explanation, you can just find e-mail messages in your “vacation” folder.

Posted on: 08.21.13