Five Questions to Ask About IT Support–Before Hiring a Managed IT Company

Read about how to correctly hire IT support for your business to ensure maximum results.

By Tony Shannon

All Managed IT support is not created equal. In the several decades we’ve been in business at Waypoint, we’ve spoken to countless business owners who have become frustrated with the sub-par support they’ve received from their managed IT companies.

“It’s hard to find trustworthy, reliable IT support in a single package,” says Lynne Girts at Capital South Partners. “We can’t stop what we’re doing to try to figure out IT issues—that keeps us away from mission-critical work. We need a go-to partner.”

Fortunately, great go-to IT partners do exist. Here are five questions to ask that will help you find a Managed IT company that will provide the support you need.

  1. Where are your help desk centers located? Ideally, every help desk location should be located in your country of origin, staffed with technicians who are native speakers. If a server crashes unexpectedly, data becomes corrupted, or you just can’t get a piece of software to work correctly, you don’t want a painful language barrier to interfere with you IT support request.
  2. Will you proactively monitor our account? A great managed IT company will keep a watchful eye on your technology at all times. They’ll make it a high priority to ensure your technology is working when your first employee walks in the door in the morning, no matter what the previous night might have held.
  3. Can you remotely diagnose and troubleshoot? Remote technology has come a long way in recent years and provides both time- and cost-savings  in addressing most IT support issues. However, you don’t want to have to rely on it 100% of the time, which is why you’ll also ask:
  4. Is on-site support available? When repairs fall outside what can be done remotely, how long will it take for a support technician to arrive on-site to address the issue? Look for an organization that provides local support centers and a strong history of responding quickly to on-site needs.
  5. How will you handle 3rd-party IT vendors? You’re looking for a managed IT company that will act as a true partner, with your best interests in mind. A great one will offer to manage your IT vendors for you, ensuring every element of your IT infrastructure runs as smoothly as possible, and taking the hassle of vendor management off your hands.

Don’t let poor IT support undermine your critical mission. Hire an IT Support company with confidence. Ask these questions, and choose a managed IT company to truly support your organization. Learn more about how Waypoint addresses these concerns, or contact us to find out just how great a managed IT relationship can be.

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