Who Can Make Good Use of a Managed IT service?

Every business can utilize a managed IT service like Waypoint to stay current, save money and avoid stress

Companies of all sizes and types outsource functions that were once managed internally. One of the more common examples is the use of outsourced IT support. This approach offers benefits that small and large companies alike can put to good use.

Expert Support for Lower Cost

The cost of maintaining an Information Technology team on the payroll can be expensive. There is the need to provide salaries and wages, extend benefits like vacation and sick days, and also provide health insurance coverage. Most professionals of this type will also want some sort of pension or retirement plan as part of the employment package. While this can be expensive for larger companies, it can place quite a bit of stress on smaller businesses.

For example a business in Miami, FL choosing to utilize a managed it service in Miami,  it is possible to get all the support needed without having to deal with any of these types of expenses. Most providers will charge a flat rate per month that covers the basics of upkeep and maintenance on the internal systems. It is not unusual for that rate to also cover minor troubleshooting issues like monitoring server performance or taking care of simple operational issues associated with a computer workstation.

Access to the Latest Information

Technology is constantly changing. This is true for both hardware and software products. If the company owner chooses to hire a full time staff to manage a network, that means also covering the cost of those team members learning about and being certified in these newer innovations.

Outsourcing to a reliable provider eliminates this cost altogether. The partner providing the makes the effort to stay up to date on new product releases and upgrades to older software and hardware. What this means is that the customer gets the benefit of that up to date knowledge without having to pay anything extra.


Many outsource partners will also provide consultations when clients are thinking of making some changes to their networks. That can range from assessing the pros and cons associated with a new sales database versus the one that is already in use. It can also mean considering the merits of tablets versus laptops for the sales team, or using cloud applications along with backup servers as a way to protect proprietary information. Typically, consultations offered through the outsource partners are more cost effective, something that every company owner can appreciate.

Waypoint offers a completely free, no risk IT review to see how your business can become from efficient and protected.

For new as well as established business owners, considering the concept of outsourcing IT services is a good move. Talk with a local provider and identify advantages that relate directly to the business itself. There is a good chance that the combination of professional support and cost savings will be enough to convince the owner that outsourcing is the way to go.

Posted on: 09.15.14