CapitalSouth Partners


CapitalSouth Partners is a private equity and mezzanine capital investment firm, serving lower middle-market companies throughout the U.S. CapitalSouth Partners is headquartered in Charlotte and has full-service offices in Raleigh, Tampa, Dallas and Louisville.

CapitalSouth maintains lean operations with 10 employees in those five cities, but must have reliable IT systems to provide the necessary level of customer service. Internally, the firm doesn’t have resources to implement IT solutions and solve IT challenges when they arise.

Before working with Waypoint, there was a great deal of frustration with solving urgent, remote problems that taxed the firm’s internal resources.
CapitalSouth Partners contacted Waypoint based on a recommendation, and set Waypoint loose initially with solving e-mail hosting issues. The relationship grew from that point, and now Waypoint provides a full slate of that keep CapitalSouth running and up-to-date.

The Waypoint Solution:

“We were very frustrated,” notes Lynne Girts, Director of Accounting, CapitalSouth Partners. “Through the process of implementing our website, we discovered that it’s hard to find trustworthy, reliable hosting for both e-mail and website in a single package. We needed a goto partner, and Waypoint engaged us as their top priority.”

“They know what’s going on in the IT world and can anticipate challenges that could become a big deal for a company like ours.”

Waypoint solved the firm’s e-mail problem, then began looking at individual desktop and laptop systems at CapitalSouth to determine the best course for moving forward. “From there, they just started solving problems — and preventing problems before they occur,” adds Girts. “That’s what impresses me the most. They know what’s going on in the IT world and can anticipate challenges that could become a big deal for a company like ours. We can’t
stop what we’re doing to try to figure our IT issues; that keeps us away from mission-critical work.”

Waypoint made recommendations for a new phone system, one that integrated voice mail and Blackberry services, and implemented the solution across all remote offices. “If we did have internal IT resources, our systems and solutions would be ‘home grown,’ and that person would have to figure things out from scratch, it would seem. With Waypoint, they already have a vast knowledge of what works and doesn’t work based on their experience, and they can get solutions implemented much quicker.”

CapitalSouth Partners relies on Waypoint’s 24/7 service desk to keep home-office and remoteoffice professionals up and running. This is a cost-effective solution, according to Girts, because the right solution can be implemented without taking a coworker away from what they’re doing at any given moment.

Ongoing Support and Results:

Waypoint has become the single-source point of contact for all managed service IT needs for CapitalSouth Partners.

From recommendations for new equipment purchase to supply ordering, everything is documented in a fashion that CapitalSouth spends a minimum amount of time facilitating its IT infrastructure — valuable time it can spend serving its own clients. Waypoint Solutions Group provides CapitalSouth Partners with the following :

  • ManagePoint – IT Service and Support
  • MailPoint – Managed Messaging Services
  • WatchPoint – 24/7 Network Monitoring Services
  • SecurePoint – Edge Security Protection
  • StorePoint – Business Disaster Recovery