Performance Fire Protection

Performance Fire Achieves Exceptional Success with Cost-Effective IT and data disaster prevention from


  • Fast-growing company in need of stronger IT infrastructure
  • Uncertain economy calling for overhead reduction
  • Outdated system in danger of failure


  • Powerful, efficient IT infrastructure supporting significant growth
  • Flexible, cost-effective solution for a competitive edge
  • Industry-leading, fail-safe disaster prevention and recovery system in place

About Performance Fire

Performance Fire Protection delivers a full range of fire system installation, inspection, testing, and design for commercial spaces large and small throughout the Southeastern United States. Because lives depend on it, Performance Fire understands the value of experience, reliability, and taking pride in top notch service. Licensed and insured in NC, SC, GA, and AL, Performance Fire boasts an in-house NICET Certified design staff, an extensive in-house material inventory, and radio-dispatched crews carrying a minimum of twelve years’ experience. The award-winning company proudly serves projects as large as the high-rise Vue Tower in downtown Charlotte, and as small as a neighborhood church building.

Performance Fire’s Challenge

In 2007, Performance Fire was named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s top 100 fastest-growing small businesses, with revenues around $11 million and booming. When the financial markets collapsed in 2008, they faced the challenge of a growing technology infrastructure combined with an uncertain economic environment and rising costs.

Like most companies, they rely heavily on their technology for day-to-day operations. And, because of their role in the fire prevention and response industry, they understand more than most the importance of planning and preparation to avoid—and recover from—disaster. Several years previously, they had implemented a tape backup system to prevent data loss in the event of a technology disaster. The system was becoming outdated and failure-prone, right at the time when they needed it most.

“We knew we needed technology expertise to support our company’s growth, even as we were cutting down on overhead” says Ed Cook, President of Performance Fire. “We considered hiring an in-house person to do the job, until another business owner suggested we look into Waypoint’s services.”

Waypoint Solution

Waypoint proposed a managed IT plan that was significantly more cost-effective than hiring an in-house staff member, and provided complete answers to all their needs. To start, Waypoint set up a robust new server network, along with virus protection, firewalls, and spam filters. The plan also provides acquisition and installation of new equipment, as well as help desk support.

Waypoint keeps Performance Fire updated on relevant developments in technology, and ensures they always have the most appropriate technology for their needs.

“Waypoint lets us focus on our core competency. They take care of the technology part of our business so we don’t have to worry about it”

In the midst of transitioning to Waypoint’s services, and before implementing their Cloud recovery solution, Performance Fire’s old tape backup system failed. The incident left 25 employees with no access to their files, essentially rendering them unable to do their jobs.
Cook put in a call to Waypoint and within minutes, a disaster recovery expert was online attempting to identify and fix the problem. Once it became clear that the problem was too big for an online fix, Waypoint sent someone out to the Performance Fire site.

Big Results

“Even though it wasn’t their fault, they worked on it 24 hours a day until it was fixed,” recalls Cook of Waypoint’s dramatic response to their data loss incident. As critical as the firehouse rescue was, Cook understands that the really important work is what happens before and after the disaster. With the immediate crisis resolved, Waypoint helped Performance Fire institute a disaster recovery program to ensure they would never go through a situation like that again.

Waypoint’s Cloud-based solution, called CloudPoint, provides secure, remote storage of data and 24/7 system management. Failed processes generate immediate alerts to Waypoint engineers who can correct most errors within minutes. In the case of complete server failure, CloudPoint recovers files, folders, mailboxes, and more, quickly and intuitively.

Just as importantly, Waypoint’s ongoing managed IT services have given Performance Fire the competitive edge they needed to survive the less acute, but very real, crisis of the recession.

“Waypoint lets us focus on our core competency. They take care of the technology part of our business so we don’t have to worry about it,” says Cook. “It’s like having our own chief technology officer on call.”
“No question, Waypoint helped us get through the recession.”

About Waypoint

Experience, global reach, and a personal touch: Waypoint excels in providing IT infrastructure design, implementation, migration, and management solutions for the Microsoft environment. Founded in Charlotte, NC, Waypoint serves clients across many industries including transportation, military, medical, legal, accounting, and retail. Their global reach includes clients in the U.S., Hong Kong, Dominican Republic, South America, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates.