Change the Way you Interview to Hire the Right People

These days, when you post an open position on the Internet, a huge selection of people respond. Many of these people are eligible candidates for the position, so you call them in for an interview. But how do you sift through them and find the truly innovative and enthusiastic people? Since the interview is basically all you can go on, your interview questions are essential.

It’s important to create a job interview strategy that pin points what you’re looking for in an employee. If you ask the same cookie cutter questions that everyone else does, you are likely to get cookie cutter answers.

Ask the Right Questions

Rather then asking people what their previous positions were, ask them the way they positively impacted their positions at their previous employers. Did they develop any processes that improved efficiency? Did they help their employers save money, if so, how?

One of the most popular questions to ask a candidate concerns their strengths and weaknesses. Avoid asking them to list these; almost everyone has predetermined answers. Instead ask them what they bring to the culture of a company, or ask them what they do to make their job more satisfying. The answers you get to these types of questions will help you to gauge the actual ingenuity of the person you are interviewing.

Another simple way to measure a prospective employee’s creativity is to ask them to perform a task. For instance, you could ask them to brainstorm ideas for an ad campaign, or write a short essay about their ideal work environment. Whatever it is, it is something your interviewee will not expect and it will give you a snapshot of their creativity.

In today’s marketplace, employers have the advantage of choosing amongst many accomplished people. So to be able to find the very best, they need to alter the types of questions they ask in job interviews.

Posted on: 05.11.12