Chrome Extensions to Help You Focus

We know: You sit looking at your computer the whole day, typing reports, answering email messages, and creating presentations. It’s difficult to stand up to the temptation to run over to to catch up on the newest celebrity gossip. But all of the side trips to the Internet’s guilty pleasures can add up to a lot of wasted time during the day. They can cut into your productiveness, something your boss won’t enjoy. Fortunately, if you use the Chrome web browser, you can add several extensions built to keep the Internet’s distractions from cutting into your workday. The Huffington Post recently took a look at the best distraction-blasting Chrome extensions. We concentrate on 4 below. Use these and you just may be amazed at how productive you can be.

Stay Focused

This add-on is great if you find that you visit unproductive sites often throughout the day. It enables you to set a timer for particular sites. As you visit these, the timer counts down. Once the time you have designated comes to an end, this extension blocks the site from being opened in Chrome for the rest of the day.

Cool Clock

If your lack of focus causes you to miss too many meetings or lunch dates, add Cool Clock to your Chrome browser. This add-on features a clock, calendar, alarm, timer and hourly desktop time notifications. It’s created to make sure that you no longer miss any essential appointments. You can even set Cool Clock so that it reminds you of the most important tasks you need to complete during the day.

Last Pass

It can be very challenging to remember all of your passwords; which of them have numbers or letters, and which letters are capitalized. Last Pass is a Chrome add-on that can help you with this. It manages your online passwords for you so that you don’t have to waste your time struggling to remember them.

Turn off the Lights

If you have to watch videos often as part of your job but get sidetracked easily, this extension can come in handy. Turn off the Lights dims everything else on your screen but keeps your media player bright so that you have to concentrate on the video you are watching rather than the other things you have open.


Posted on: 11.09.12