Digital comics are thriving

Tablets have provided a major boost to retailers. After all these devices, which have become mini computers that you can easily carry in your hand, are huge business. Forbes columnist Ethan Gach writes that Walmart sold more than 1.4 million tablets during its Black Friday sale in November. But Gach also noted another surprising beneficiary of tablet sales: the makers of comic books.

A perfect match?

The publishers of comic books recognize just how popular tablets have become with consumers. They know that tablet sales are expected to surpass the combined sales of desktop computers and laptops in 2015. Furthermore they realize that consumers like reading comics on tablets. It’s a natural fit.


One of the biggest beneficiaries from the growth and development of the tablet is Comixology, an online seller of comics. Earlier this year, Comixology reached 200 million comic-book downloads, Gach writes. That’s an impressive number, given that the comics industry hasn’t been a hot one as of late.

Unlimited space

Comixology operates in the digital arena. Which means that it can offer a greater selection of comics than your average comic-book shop. Brick-and-mortar retailers face limited space. Digital sellers like Comixology don’t. They, then, can offer more obscure titles, benefitting the comics industry as a whole. And for fans? Digital comics are a great way for them to read most any title they would like.

Posted on: 01.29.14