Do you use one password for several sites? Stop

Do you use one password to log into a number of Web sites? Do some of those sites contain important personal and financial details about you? If so, then you’re placing yourself in serious danger. Not convinced? Then check out tech Web site ars technica’s recent story on a password breach at daily deal Web site

A breach

According to the story, — which offers users daily bargains on everything from restaurants and spas to amusement parks and museums — recently suffered a enormous security breach. The breach exposed the names, e-mail addresses and password information for up to 50 million LivingSocial users, according to ars technica.


According to ars technica, Tim O’Shaugnessy, the chief executive officer of LivingSocial, quickly reacted by advising users to change their LivingSocial passwords. O’Shaugnessy took the additional step of advising the site’s users to change any passwords that are similar to or the same as those they use at LivingSocial. That’s good advice. It remains to be seen, though, how many LivingSocial users will take this step.

A Hassle, But Important

It can be a hassle to memorize dozens of passwords and log-in names. But it’s also important. What if hackers crack the password you use to log into Groupon? If you utilize that very same password to pay bills through your credit union’s online site, you may be in danger. Smart hackers can easily access that credit union site and, quite possibly, drain the funds out of your bank account. The message here? Make the extra effort and change those passwords. Never use a universal password on the sites you visit.

Posted on: 05.24.13