Does your business need an Xbox One?

The new Xbox One promises to be great for playing graphics-heavy video games, surfing the Web and watching high-definition movies and TV shows. But will it also become a terrific tool for holding company meetings via Skype? Microsoft is promoting it that way, according to a recent story by PC World writer Christopher Null.

No Joke

According to Null, Microsoft isn’t joshing when it says that the Xbox One, which retails for $499, should be “entirely justifiable” as a business expense. In a blog post, Microsoft offers some evidence that businesses can benefit from buying the console.

Get it for Skype?

Here’s Microsoft’s argument: Businesses can use the Xbox One to hold video conferences through Skype. Plus they could also use the system’s SkyDrive support to keep presentations on the machine.

Too Costly?

Still, it’s hard to imagine a lot of businesses spending nearly $500 to buy a device that does what the majority of them can already do without it. But how about your company? Can you justify purchasing an Xbox One? Just, don’t let your most gaming-obsessed employees make the final decision.

Posted on: 09.18.13