Donít strain your back while soaring above the clouds

Using a laptop while you are on a plane is definately not ideal. But oftentimes you can’t get out of it it; work has to be done. Nevertheless, you don’t need to suffer a back ache after your plane lands. The Lifehacker Web site offers a quick tip for easing your back strain.

No hunching

The Lifehacker Web site recently provided a key tip for alleviating back strain while computing in mid-air: Avoid hunching. That sounds easy, but it’s often difficult not to hunch when you’re working while traveling.

The Solution

To solve the hunching problem? Lifehacker recommends you purchase an low-priced laptop stand. You can get these for $20 or less, and they’ll angle your laptop so you can sit back and work in a neutral position that avoids both back and neck strain.


But what do you do if you don’t have a stand? Lifehacker recommends as a last resort rolling up one of those Skymall catalogs and making use of it as a make shift stand.

Posted on: 06.04.14