Don’t ignore your Facebook “Other” folder

You consider yourself a conscientious Facebook user, one that invariably replies promptly to messages. But consider if you’ve missed hundreds of messages from co-workers, mentors, employers or friends over the years? Due to Facebook’s “Other” messages folder, you may have.

What is the “Other?”

David Pogue, technology columnist for the New York Times, recently highlighted the strange case of the “Other” folder. When individuals who aren’t your Facebook friends send you a message, they’ve got a choice: They can either pay $1 or send that message to your Facebook page’s “Other” folder. The majority, of course, don’t pay the buck.

Missed messages

Unfortunately, this results in plenty of lost messages. Most Facebook users have no idea there is an “Other” folder. As a result, they miss hundreds of potentially important messages every year.

Opening the “Other”

Make today the day you open the “Other” folder.  On the left-side panel of your Facebook page click “Messages.”  There you’ll notice a light gray “Other.” Open it up. As Pogue writes, you might be astonished at how many party invitations and congratulations you’ve missed.


Posted on: 08.09.13