Don’t let technology kill your office meetings

Tired of your employees reading email during your meetings? Disappointed that your workers spend time logging onto LinkedIn while you’re talking company strategies? You’re not the only one. Laptops, smartphones and tablets are wonderful tools. But this technology can play havoc with your company meetings.

Going low-tech

Because of this Jake Knapp, design partner at Google Ventures, writes in a current post on the Medium Web site that employees ought to be forbidden from carrying technology into meetings. Managers, then, have a much less challenging time attracting the attention of their workers.

No gadgets

Knapp recommends that meeting attendees not be allowed to bring their laptops, smartphones, tablets, or even their smart watches into meetings. That way, they’ll be poised to pay attention to what you’re actually saying, not what’s flashing on a screen in front of them.

An end time

To ease the anxiety of your now tech-less workers, Knapp suggests setting up a timer where everyone is able to see it. So now, your employees understand that there’s a stop time for the meeting. And when that timer goes off? Keep your end of the deal; end the meeting.

Posted on: 08.02.13