Don’t Make These Social Media Mistakes!

5 Deadly Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Understanding what NOT to do when it comes to social media is almost as important as knowing what you should do. Here are several social media mistakes to avoid at all costs!

Jokes at other people’s expense – It should go without having to say, but you must think before you send anything out into cyberspace for the world to see. Above all, don’t try and take advantage of someone else’s bad luck or indiscretion to promote your own products or . While a celebrity death or shameful scandal might appear to be easy fodder for attracting eyeballs, you’re very likely to tick off as many people as you tickle!

Offending your customers – Right up there with poor taste humor is the tendency to state your preferences, political, social or otherwise, that may or may not correspond with those of your clients and customers. Use your head! Don’t share anything with the public that might cause offense or be misconstrued, or you’ll pay big for this transgression.

Failing to separate your business and personal accounts – Not to mention that it appears much more professional to create a company profile and page, often times there are advantages (depending on the social network) for a strictly company account. This is certainly true with Google Local. A public business account is usually more likely to be found in the search engine results.

No social media buttons on your website – These are readily available for all social media platforms, and you’re shooting yourself in the foot if they are unavailable on your homepage and every post you make. This will make it easy for your readers to share your posts and in doing so help promote your business.

Not using your social media profiles to link back to your site – You’ve gone to all the effort to create and use these social sites, why not take the free, authoritative link they’re offering back to you! Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google all allow you to link back to your website. There’s five great links into your site, and a great opportunity for your (hopefully) many followers to end up on your site.

Posted on: 04.09.14