Don’t want to give up Windows XP? You’re not alone

Microsoft wants you and your employees to upgrade to Windows 7 or, preferably, Windows 8. That’s why April 8, 2014, is such a big day. It’s the final day that Microsoft will offer service for its much-adored Windows XP operating system. But as InformationWeek writer Kevin Casey says in a recent feature, many end users are holding onto XP and resisting an upgrade.


Why is this? It’s simple. Business owners and their workers like Windows XP. The operating system works well and is largely bug-free. According to the InformationWeek story, a stunning total of 37 percent of PCs still run XP.

Not dead yet

Microsoft XP is now three versions of Windows old. It’s no surprise that Microsoft is ending support for XP. The company is wanting users to upgrade to Windows 7 or the much-maligned Windows 8.

Your Business

As a business owner, you can keep XP if it’s the system that you and your workers favor. If you do choose to upgrade, though, you might want to choose Windows 7. It’s gotten far better reviews than has the maligned Windows 8.

Posted on: 09.11.13