Evolve with Technology or Get Left Behind

When you were a kid, you were probably amazed at the graphics on the Atari 64 until Mattel came out with their Intellivision video game system. Then you realized how outdated the Atari really looked. As new systems came out, for example, the ColecoVision, the Intellivisions graphic paled in comparison.

As an adult, your perspective is most likely quite different. Technology changes very rapidly and your most current state-of-the-art gadget becomes obsolete the moment the bigger and better thing is released.

Technology is constantly changing

Technology has always been changing, and as increasingly more comes out, this change accelerates. This does not surprise anyone. That being said, it should not shock consumers either. In today’s constantly evolving environment, the majority of us purchase technology realizing that it will become outdated in a few months.

Need tech help? Ask your kid

Kids are generally quicker to learn new things then their parents, and consequently, are better at adapting to the changing technological environment. If you are in your 40s then you grew up without the Internet, and your kids don’t remember when the Internet didn’t exist. So, as technology advances at an increasingly rapid pace, younger generations are going to more readily adjust to these changes and accept new technologies.

Today’s hot tech is tomorrow’s obsolete operating system

Taking all of this into consideration, consumers should not be taken off guard when their computer OS becomes outdated. Companies like Microsoft, Google, and Apple have to continually come out with new operating systems to stay ahead of their competition. If you decide to fight against a new OS when it comes out, you will only be, ultimately, left in the dust. There is a reason that these companies make new operating systems and embracing the constantly changing nature of technology will help you be on the cutting edge of the next great thing.


Posted on: 08.08.12