Explaining How Smartphone Charging Pads Work

If you have a smartphone it is probably a crucial part of your life. You use it to enjoy music, read, check you mail, navigate to stores, and lastly make calls! But if your battery dies you can’t put it to use. And, let’s be honest, finding your charger and a free outlet in your house can be annoying and no easy task in today’s tech-savvy homes or apartments.

But now there is an easier way to charge your phone: a smartphone charge pad.

Charge your phone wirelessly

Charge pads are mats that enable devices to be charged wirelessly. By just putting your device on the mat it will start to charge, this virtually eliminates cord mess and searching for an outlet. It’s also possible to charge multiple devices, including iPods and tablets, at the same time using these mats.

Have you ever wondered how these work? They use electro-magnetic induction charging to generate a magnetic field that provides power to the batteries of your smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices.

Charge pads a technology in progress

Though these charging pads can make our lives easier they aren’t as popular as you would think. Mainly this is because of their cost; they are often as expensive as the devices they charge.

Secondly, they take up space. For people aiming to save space and eliminate mess, this negates their purpose.

An improving wireless world

The great news is that technology is always improving, particularly in the world of wireless products. It won’t be too much time before the market is sprinkled with companies supplying new and improved charge pads. And you can bet these new pads will eliminate the price and space issues that so far have kept these devices from becoming must-have items.

Posted on: 02.24.12