Facebook Ads – Your Fast Ticket to Results!

Want to Learn the Secret to Successful Facebook Ads?

Utilizing Facebook ads generally is one of the most expedient and effective ad platforms for obtaining visitors to your sites, offers, and for various other purposes for your website. A Facebook Ad campaign is a snap to get going, has great demographic targeting tools, and can be up in a matter of minutes. One thing to understand is that the solution to getting the best results and return on investment (ROI) is through the use of the most appropriate and effective images available. It has been shown that imagery is 70-89 percent of the success or failure of a Facebook ad campaign. Let’s look at some useful tips to get the most from your Facebook ad images.

5 Awesome Tips for Facebook Ad Images

Creating an ad that produces a real impact and statement for your product or is a matter of standing out from the rest. Listed below are five ways to do exactly that!

  1. Use high quality images – Since your images are going to end up very small, be sure you’re purchasing from a reputable resource. Fotolia and iStockPhoto are two of our most favorite. The XS size of available images will be fine, as even these are going to be cut down to the size of a postage stamp. (110×80 pixels)
  2. Crop to deliver impact – Crop your photos closely to focus on the key aspect of your ad. Cropping faces from the eyes to mouth is the most impactful technique for riveting people images. Also, make sure that your model’s eyes have life. When using product images, get close!
  3. Choose eye-catching colors – Using bright, visually arresting images can do wonders for your click-thru rates. Too many people opt to blend in with the pervasive Facebook blue, and thus consign their ads to a form of “banner blindness”.
  4. Choose the most attractive images you can find! – Unless you are going for a certain statement, pick the most attractive photos you can find. People are attracted to beauty. Period. This is not to say that from time to time beauty can’t be trumped by cute, funny or outrageous.
  5. Use humor whenever you can – All of us love a good laugh. If you have the opportunity to inject humor into your ad, don’t miss it! It will surely result in a higher clickthrough rate!

For some great examples of these ad-image principles in action, check out this great article at Search Engine Watch.

Posted on: 05.07.14