For full protection, erase those saved passwords

We all save passwords and usernames on our web browsers. It’s a means to quickly access the membership-based Web sites that we visit every day. But, there’s a security risk to this. If someone steals your laptop, this thief will have little trouble opening your favorite sites. If you’ve saved the password and username combination for your online bank account? Then you could be in some serious trouble. If you wish to improve your online security, it might be time for you to erase those saved usernames and passwords. Thankfully, New York Times tech writer J.D. Biersdorfer recently supplied the steps for doing it on the most widely used browsers.


Erasing stored passwords on Firefox is easy. If you’re using the Windows version, click on the tools menu and then choose options. If you’re a Mac user, go to the Firefox menu and then choose preferences. This should bring up the options box. Once that comes up, click on the security tab then click on saved passwords. Finally, click remove all and the usernames and passwords will disappear. You can also select the view saved passwords option to pick and choose which passwords to erase.


When using Chrome for Windows, choose the Chrome menu. Then click settings and then advanced settings. Then you’re able to select the saved passwords link, which will let you individually pick which passwords to erase. This can be done on a Mac by first visiting the Chrome menu and then selecting preferences. Next, select the settings option and follow by choosing advanced settings. Under the passwords and forms option, you’ll see the manage saved passwords choice. Click this to select the passwords you’d rather Chrome delete.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and beyond

If you’re using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or higher, click on the tools menu and pick the safety option. Next, select delete browsing history. A box will appear on your screen. Turn on every checkbox located next to the options form data and passwords. Once you’ve done this, click on the delete button and your passwords will be gone.

Posted on: 04.23.13