Gadget freak who loves to cook? There’s a site for you

Do you love to cook? Do you love gadgets, too? Then there’s a site made just for you, The Sweethome, which you can find at The site is packed with tips on how to use a wide variety of gadgets to cook your favorite meals. You might say it’s heaven for gadget-obsessed cooking nuts.

The best-of feature

Why visit The Sweethome? Its best-of lists. These lists rank the best kitchen appliances and gadgets that you can buy for your home. Want to purchase the ultimate corkscrew? The Sweethome has your back. What about the best vegetable peeler? The site covers that, too. It can even show you which ice cube tray – really – is the best fit for your kitchen.

The reviews

The site also covers major appliances. If you’re looking for a new dishwasher, toaster oven, juicer or blender, you should pay a visit to The Sweethome first. Consider it a type of Angie’s List for the tech-obsessed. Each of these best-of stories contain clear pictures of the appliance or kitchen gadget under discussion. They also contain plenty of information about why each gadget or device is the best in its class.

The rest of your home

And The Sweethome doesn’t focus its efforts solely on the kitchen. If you’re a gadget freak who would rather work in the yard or who’s passionate about finding the most efficient washing machine, The Sweethome can help. The site provides reviews of devices for the garage, laundry room, yard, bathroom and home office. What can we say? The Sweethome is a gadget lover’s dream site.

Posted on: 07.03.13