Google Business Photos – A Quick Path to Trust

Google Business Photos – A Quick Path to Trust

A new way to make your Google+ Local listings stand out from the crowd has been introduced, and it’s called Google Business Photos. This is a series of photos of your place of business, done in a panoramic style and placed on your search, Google+ page, and Maps entries. You also have the option of placing it on your site and Facebook or other social media accounts.

How does Google Business Photos benefit you?

Google Business Photos is a fantastic way to invite searchers into your business virtually. They can see and get a feel for what you do, and begin to understand how you may be able to help them. But, the best part about these photos is that they really separate your listings from the rest. The panoramic view of your pictures, when compared to regular text search results right next to you makes it nearly impossible for the searcher not to click on your website. Yet another major benefit is that by using this program, you are further cementing your place as the authority for this brand. This will help in multiple ways, among them search rankings and reputation management.

How do you get started with Google Business Photos?

It’s tempting to run right out and start snapping away with your camera, but you ought to know that Google requires these images are taken by a Google Business Photos Trusted Photographer. That’s mouthful to say that these professional photographers have been trained in how to create these for Google. You need to hire one on your own, but it’s worth the money, as they will know how to present your business in a way that will work well on Google. You make the appointment, and then plan on “staging” your shoot. It typically takes about an hour or so, and Google wants to see as few humans in them as possible, we’re talking ambience and atmosphere, minus people here.

If you have a business that can benefit by enhancing your Google+ Local listing, then this product was created with you in mind. Check it out today!

Posted on: 09.24.14