Google Patents: A Little Known Secret

Have you ever been curious, in this country of invention, what creative ideas are sprouting? Google has made it simple for you to explore this with Google Patents.

The Wonderful World of Google Patents

Most people haven’t heard of Google Patents, but it is a pretty cool service. It permits you to explore U.S. patents both past and present. As you might guess, not all patents are created equal. They vary from quite serious, like medical patents, to unbelievably goofy, like an electronic pickle jar game. Finding interesting patents is as easy as searching for something in Google Patents. It’s incredible how many fascinating inventions are out there!

Organizing the World’s Information

According to Google, Google Patents is one more part of the company’s mission to organize the world’s information. Google Patents gets its data from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). When a patent is issued in the U.S. it becomes part of the public domain so Google can distribute this information. One of the impressive things about Google Patents is the amount of Patents it includes. The service displays patents issued within the United States from 1790 to the present. That is a lot of data that users can explore.

A Patent History Lesson

Due to this huge span of time, with a little exploring, you can get an image of technological advancements this country has made. For example, you can see the patent that was given to Alexander Graham Bell for an automatic short-circuiter for telephones in 1880. If you wish see where we may be headed based on recent patents, check out Google Patents.


Posted on: 06.06.12