Hate your e-mail app? Try Mailbox

Here’s a simple truth: Most everyone with a smartphone uses it to read and send e-mail messages. But nobody generally seems to like their mobile e-mail apps. Tech company Orchestra, though, wishes to change this. The company recently published Mailbox, its new e-mail client for your iPhone. The iphone app has been receiving excellent reviews.


So why has the tech press weighed in so positively about the iPhone version of Mailbox? Probably because it operates like it was intended to be utilized with smart phones. Several other mobile e-mail programs feel like they’re simply rehashes of e-mail software applications that work better on desktop or computers. Here’s the important difference: With Mailbox, users save, delete or archive messages by swiping, the same as they do most anything else with their smart phones or tablet computers. For example: If you swipe an e-mail message to the left, you’ll save it. If you instead swipe to the right, you’ll archive it. And you swipe to the right while holding at the same time, you’ll delete an e-mail message. Swipe to the left while holding? A new List screen will pop-up. From this new screen, you can label messages or move them to new areas. In other words, using Mailbox is intuitive.


Supporters of the new Mailbox app mention that sending e-mail messages feels more like Tweeting or texting. This is a pretty heady compliment; after all, most smart phone users prefer texting or sending quick Tweets to relying upon traditional e-mail programs to transmit messages. Mailbox also configures e-mail messages so they are super easy to read on a smart phone screen. When messages are first displayed, for example, Mailbox does not show unneeded information like signatures. It’s only when users tap on messages that additional information — such as the “To” and “From” features — are shown.

To Do

You can also use Mailbox for your iPhone as a kind of e-mail to-do list. Here’s how this feature works: After looking at a message, place a time stamp on it. This time stamp will control when the message reappears inside your inbox. To illustrate, should you receive a message which has a low priority, you might place a time stamp that puts the message back in your inbox in a month. If you want to answer the message quickly? Mailbox can schedule it to reappear in your inbox the next day. The new iPhone version of Mailbox is certainly worth a look. You might realize that it’s the mobile e-mail app that you’ve long been seeking.

Posted on: 01.18.13