Help Your IT Department Help You

Have you ever been in the midst of something important when your whole computer shuts down for no reason? Of course you have. Most of us have experienced computers freezing or the screen going blank. When these things happen, we must call in the IT professionals at our job to help and this will often cause stress.

It’s not always easy to communicate with your IT department staff. They are authorities in their field and it’s easy to feel uninformed in the face of people with such knowledge. Particularly when the solution to your problem is “Turn it off, wait a short time, and turn it back on again.” It can also seem like they are speaking a different language altogether.

There are some actions you can take to make this communication a little easier. The tips below will not only make communication go more smoothly, they will also get the issue solved faster.

No Reason to be Intimidated

Do not be intimidated by their extensive knowledge. This does not help communication. If you are not confident, it will be harder to describe the problem even if you know the appropriate terminology. Also, remember that while they are the experts in their field, you are an expert in yours as well.


IT professionals love it when you take screen shots. They need to know what exact steps made this happen, and if you got any funky numbers or error messages. They want to see those especially. While it may not mean anything to you, it can point IT professionals to the issue at hand so they can solve it sooner.

A Written Report

Finally, keep a written report of your difficulties. If you notice that the same problems are taking place whenever you check your messages, write this down in a notebook. Make a new entry every time the issue reappears. This, too, will help you communicate your computing issues with your IT personnel.

In the end, the most important thing is that you communicate as much detail as possible. This will help your team fix the problem so you can get back to work!


Posted on: 06.22.12