Here are some 2013 tech disasters

Every so often tech simply doesn’t work. And then there are times when technology rollouts are true disasters. The Telegraph newspaper recently covered some of the biggest tech disasters of 2013. While you read about them, try to learn something. You wouldn’t want to make the same mistakes — even if on a smaller scale — with your small business.

The healthcare fiasco

Topping the list, of course, was the federal government’s, the website center of the new health-insurance program. As everyone knows now, the rollout of the website was a disaster. The page wouldn’t load. And even when consumers were lucky enough to log onto the site, they discovered that they couldn’t find required insurance information. The website rollout was such a disaster, it tarred the entire government healthcare initiative with a bad reputation.

Travel foul-up

Online booking giant Sabre triggered huge problems for travelers in 2013 at the height of the student vacation season. Sabre went offline for only three hours. But when it did, it created countless flight cancellations and delays for hundreds of thousands of passengers. This isn’t a surprise: Over 300 airlines rely on Sabre.

Walmart reneges on a bargain

When Walmart online shoppers in October stumbled across computer equipment that’s valued at $500 but was being offered at $8.99, they reacted by buying lots of it. Sadly for them, the discount prices were an online glitch. Walmart declined to honor the bargain prices, sending furious consumers to social media to object. Just what Walmart wanted: more bad press.

Posted on: 02.21.14