Here is what you want: The Duracell Powermat

Most smart phone owners can’t stand charging their devices. And why is that? You have to manage power cords that inevitably get lose or end up snarled in a jumble in your desk drawer. Maybe it’s time for you to severe the cord and go wireless: You can with the Duracell Powermat 24-Hour Power System.

The system

The Powermat charges iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones for 24 hours without requiring you to depend upon cords you easily misplace. As CNET, in its review of this product says, the compact kit that is included with the Duracell Powermat boasts a powerful and portable battery that is ideal for providing power while you’re traveling.

Power all day

The Powermat included in the system enables you to wirelessly charge two smart phones at a time for up to 24 hours. You do this by attaching a case that fits snugly around either your iPhone or Galaxy phone.

Backup battery

The system also provides a portable backup battery. You’ll be able to charge the battery by using a wireless or wired Micro-USB connection. With this feature, you can stay powered throughout the day.

Posted on: 07.31.13