How Are Businesses Using Google+

What the Real Deal About Google+?

So, have you logged into your Google+ account today, or updated your company page lately? Perhaps not, although it’s a fairly common scenario playing out over the Web, as Google+ struggles to uncover its audience and ultimate usefulness. Lots of people are still divided, and the jury is still out as to whether or not Google+ is or ever can be a practical tool for business.

Here’s why we think it’s useful both now and in the foreseeable future!

It’s being shared that Google+ is now outpacing Twitter. While this in no way “feels” true, it most likely is. The proliferation of Gmail and the convenience of having Google’s entire suite of web displayed the same time has probably sealed the deal. Not only that, but since Google Plus Local Listings already contains such small business services as Zagat, StreetView and Google+ User ratings, it has effectively replaced Yelp.

Also, Google Hangouts has a direct influence on where Google+ is headed as well. The convenience of using a Hangout, as an alternative to perhaps Skype, to do video conferencing is a major plus (no pun intended). Yes, we understand that Hangouts is still a bit clunky and a pain to figure out, however if you do, it’s far and away the leader of the pack. Just the incorporation and automation that Hangouts shares with YouTube is worth the price of admission. (Which of course is free!)

So how are businesses using Google+?

There are many uses of Google+ in your small business. Here is just a few:

  • Build networks of like-minded people with Google+ Circles
  • Use #hashtags as a way for posts appear in Google search
  • Be sure and Link Google+ to your blog or site, and enjoy the Google Authorship benefit in the search pages
  • Do live video chat with Google Hangouts
  • Use tags to reach out to people directly

To see a huge list of strategies as well as an incredible infographic for Google+, see this article on Copyblogger. While Google+ might not enable you to get all warm and fuzzy just yet, our bet is that it’s more than worth it both now and down the road!

Posted on: 06.25.14