How safe is your e-mail account?

How secure is your e-mail account? Would it be a somewhat easy matter for clever hackers to break into your account? And what would happen if they did? Think about all the spam messages and phishing schemes hackers can launch using your e-mail account. The good news is, you can take steps to protect your e-mail account, and a recent blog by the New York Times explains how you can do this. The best news? Protecting yourself doesn’t take a lot of work.

The importance of updates

The Times advises that you don’t neglect the updates sent by the makers of your computer’s operating system, your e-mail program or your security software. These updates often contain important protections against the latest computer viruses. They could also help keep hackers away from your e-mail account. Updating your computer is a bit of an annoyance, but the protection it offers is worth the effort.


Next, the Times recommends that you protect your e-mail account with a password that is harder to crack. This would mean bypassing simple, easy-to-guess passwords such as your street address, children’s names or birthdays. Instead, create passwords that include a series of letters, symbols and numbers. The more varied your password, the better luck you will have at fending off hackers.

Doing the two-step

Finally, the Times proposes that you make use of two-step authentication if your e-mail provider offers it. Under this type of system, you must take two steps to log onto your e-mail. This will mean entering a standard password and after that entering a code sent to your mobile phone if you logon to your account on a different computer. Two-step authentication can make it extremely more difficult for a hacker to break into your e-mail account.

Posted on: 07.10.13