How tech can make workers happier

E-mail, social media, video conferencing and LinkedIn have changed the way we communicate in the workplace. These tech tools make the office a much more efficient place. Even so, is there a downside to all of this technology? That depends, according to a column written by Unify’s Natalie Burg.

Using it right

As Burg writes, many employees bemoan the reality that little communication today happens in a face-to-face setting. Instead, conference calls and e-mail chains are the primary ways that workers connect with one another. Workers log long hours working as part of a virtual team. Even though some workers might be unhappy with this, Burg writes that this reliance upon tech doesn’t have to be a bad thing…if companies utilize tech in the proper way.

Evolving workplace

Companies need not abandon new tech. They simply have to evolve to take advantage of it. Think of companies with offices spread throughout the world. An employee in the United States doesn’t need to sit in an office until 8 p.m. to share a key fact to a fellow worker in Hong Kong. Instead, that employee can send a quick e-mail from the dinner table at home. That’s using technology to make life a bit easier for workers.

Happier employees

Employees are typically happier when they can work on a mobile basis. And when employees are happier, they are generally more productive, too. In fact, as Burg writes, companies that don’t transform their technology to make their workers more mobile might soon find themselves left behind. Why would the best employees choose to work at a company that doesn’t embrace mobile technology?

Posted on: 01.31.14