How to Use Alternative Browsers on the iPad

If you own an Apple device, you have observed that Safari is the default browser. Safari is a great browser but did you know that you are able to download other browsers like Chrome and Opera onto your gadget? However, you can’t set them as the default browser unless you are willing to manually tinker with your iPad, which no one who is not an experienced techie should do.

The default option

Having Safari as your default browser means that if you click a link in a program your iPad will instantly use Safari to navigate you to the website. If you want to use a different browser, you will have to copy and paste the link into another browser you have. This could be a pain, but if you absolutely love Chrome, you will need to take this step.

Alternative browsers

As Rob Pegoraro recently wrote in a column for USA Today, Google put the spotlight on alternate iPad and iPhone browsers with its release of Chrome software designed to run on Apple’s iOS operating system. Today, Apple users are frequently downloading such options as the Dolphin web browser, Chrome, and Opera to search the web. Doing so is a breeze. Simply log onto these browsers’ web homes from your Apple gadget and find the download instructions. Once you download the browsers you may use them to surf the web.

A mix and match approach

Many people use different browsers on their laptops and devices for various things. Perhaps Chrome for personal tabs, and Safari for business related tabs. Regardless, even though you cannot change the default browser on your iPad or iPhone, that doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits of downloading your favorite browser.


Posted on: 10.19.12