Immortality May Be Right Around The Corner

Most of us have thought about living forever. But do you know the ramifications, and is it even possible? According to scientist and author Ray Kurzweil, it is possible and we will need to ask ourselves these big questions in the next 20 years. The crucial element to immortality may lie in nanobots replacing our blood cells.

This seems kind of spooky and like something out of a science fiction movie. Kurzweil is very enthusiastic about this, and some very well know people are huge admirers of his. In particular Bill Clinton and Bill Gates.

Rise of the nanobots?

Kurzweil’s ideas on immortality may not be quite so far-fetched. According to the scientist, in about 20 years scientists will have uncovered ways to halt and turn back the aging process. Nanotechnology will then step in, he says. Specifically, nanobots will replace human’s blood cells. And, as Kurzweil puts it, they’ll carry out the work of these blood cells far more efficiently.

Exponential technology

Kurzweil’s estimations are based on the speed at which technology improves. It advances exponentially so breaking the code to immortality may be just a few more leaps away.

That doesn’t, though, answer the bigger question: Should humans live forever? What’s going to happen to the planet? Will overpopulation destroy our natural resources? And, obviously, is living forever even something people want? Won’t those individuals who believe in an afterlife want to eventually pass from this life? These are all big questions, and if Kurzweil is to be believed, we might all soon be confronting them.

Posted on: 08.22.12