Is it time for Microsoft to give up on Windows 8?

Microsoft’s Windows 8 hasn’t received much love, from either users or the tech press. It’s no surprise, then, that rumors are swirling that Microsoft is ready to kill Windows 8 and start over with its next version of the operating system. Woody Leonhard, a writer for the website of InfoWorld, recently had a look at these rumors and what they might mean for consumers.


Leonhard writes about Microsoft’s Threshold project, the next round of updates that will improve Windows, Windows RT, Windows Phone and Xbox. According to the rumors, users will rely on Threshold updates to perform “high-value” activities across all of these platforms.

What’s coming

Leonard quotes tech site ZDNet, which says that Microsoft will produce three main versions of Windows. This includes a more modern Metro consumer system, a traditional consumer version and a traditional Enterprise — or business-centered — version. The hope, of course, is that all these versions will perform better than does Windows 8.

Windows 7 amped up?

The hope of Leonhard alonag with other tech writers is that these new versions of Windows will be like amped-up versions of Windows 7. This makes sense: Users liked Windows 7 since it was easy to use and simple to navigate. In other words, it was quite different from Windows 8. As Leonhard writes, if Microsoft wishes to make customers happy, its next versions of Windows should include those things that worked in Windows 7 and then make them better.

Posted on: 02.05.14