Is the end ready for Windows 8?

Is this the end of Windows 8? If recent reports in the tech media are to be believed, the much-maligned Windows operating system could be meeting its end. InfoWorld writer Woody Leonhard recently took a look at the rumors. And if what he’s found holds true, Windows 8 could soon get replaced by a trio of new products.

The rumors

As Leonhard writes, the vast majority of rumors spring from Microsoft’s supposed Threshold program. This is said to be the company’s next round of Windows updates. As Leonhard writes, the updates are designed to improve Windows, Windows RT, Windows Phone and Xbox systems. According to the rumor mill, Threshold should allow users to perform activities across all of these platforms.

The versions

Leonhard cites a writer from ZDNet who states that Microsoft is now developing three primary versions of Windows, all of which should, hopefully, be more effective than Windows 8. First, you will have a more modern Metro consumer version, a traditional consumer version and an old-fashioned traditional Enterprise version.

Windows 7 amped up?

The hope of Leonhard along with other tech writers is that these new versions of Windows will be like amped-up versions of Windows 7. This makes sense: Users liked Windows 7 because it was easy to use and easy to navigate. In other words, it was quite different from Windows 8. As Leonhard writes, if Microsoft wishes to make users happy, its next versions of Windows should include those things that worked in Windows 7 and then make them even better.

Posted on: 02.05.14