Is there really such a thing as a better smartphone?

There certainly are a lot of smartphones available today. Walk into an electronics store and the choices can seem overwhelming. But Jesus Diaz, a writer for the lifehacker Website, says not to let the selection of phones throw you. The way he sees it, it doesn’t matter what smartphone you purchase.

All Alike?

Why? Diaz claims that today’s smartphones are so much alike that it doesn’t matter which users choose. Diaz says that users will barely notice a different moving from one smartphone product to another.

An Argument With Merit

It’s clear to see Diaz’s point. All smartphones today enable you to watch videos, communicate through social media, surf the Web and send and receive e-mail messages. Most apps are available for all smartphone platforms.

Maybe Not?

Diaz’s fellow lifehacker writers, though, don’t totally agree. They point to certain platforms – such as Windows Phone – that don’t support nearly as many apps. In addition they point to price. Then there are cameras; some smartphones have good ones, others poor ones. So the message is muddled. What do you think? Are all smartphones similar?

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Posted on: 09.06.13