Is your business about quality or quantity?

Your business has two main avenues to profit: You can focus on quantity, producing the highest possible number of goods and . Or you can focus on quality, creating the best products or services in your market. ITWorld writer Matthew Mombrea focuses on this tug-of-war in a recent ITWorld column.


In his column, Mombrea argues that those businesses whose products or services really need to be high-quality should focus their efforts on making the very best products they can, even when that means making fewer of these products. There is a reward for this, Mombrea writes.

Dissatisfied Consumers

Many consumers aren’t satisfied today. They feel that they’re paying an excessive amount for shoddy products and services. And, as Mombrea writes, many of them have every right to feel that way.

Your Task

If your company wants to stand out, then, it might do well to produce a lower number of products or services but to make sure that what they do offer is of the highest possible quality. Consumers will notice. And they will appreciate it.

Posted on: 09.20.13