Looking for a printer for your small business? Here are some tips


Don’t think you need a printer for your business? Think again. We would all prefer to think that we are near a paperless society. After all, we are able to create our important documents on our smart phones, tablets and Desktops and then store them in the cloud. You can then send these documents to clients. You shouldn’t have for ever printing them out, right? Not quite. Quite a few of your buyers will still require hard-copy documents detailing your transactions with each other. These customers might not be tech-savvy enough to adjust to paperless business. Or perhaps they refuse to go paperless. Whatever the reason, they want printouts. If you fail to deliver them, you’ll lose their business.

Can’t turn away business

Fortunately, writer Paul Mah with Small Business Computing.com recently took a look at the factors that small companies should think about before they purchase a printer. Consider these tips before making your next printer purchase.


Does your company need to have a printer that can tackle several tasks at once? You might need, for example, a machine that not only prints but also makes photocopies, scans documents and faxes them. Be sure you actually need this type of device, though. Multi-function printers are not cheap. If your company rarely sends faxes or scans documents, it could be a smarter financial move to choose a traditional printer that focuses only on printing documents.

Laser vs. Inkjet

What makes more sense for your company, a laser printer or an inkjet printer? You’ll need to consider several factors to make this decision. Does your small business print loads of documents? Then you might consider purchasing a laser printer. These printers can be more expensive. However they produce crisp and clean copy, and they are also sturdier, able to better stand up to large demand. But suppose your company only has to print documents occasionally? Then an inkjet printer tends to make more sense. These printers are cheaper than are laser printers. Technologies have improved enough so the documents they create look more professional than ever before. The downside? If you do print too much, you’ll spend lots of money on replacement cartridges. As Mah writes, choosing the right printer for your organization is far from an impossible task. With a bit of research, you’ll find the right unit for your small business and its specific printing needs.

Posted on: 02.08.13