Looking for the best portable hard drive? Here’s a suggestion

Shopping for a portable hard drive? Seamus Bellamy, while writing for The Wirecutter blog, has a suggestion for you: Western Digital’s 2TB My Passport Ultra. After reading Bellamy’s review, picking some other portable hard drive seems foolish.

The right price

First, the My Passport Ultra is affordable, retailing for about $150. For that price you receive a lot. Bellamy raves about the device’s storage space, speed and reliability. That’s quite a powerful package for under $200.

Storage space

What’s key in a portable hard drive? Space. Bellamy in his review writes that computer users should always purchase as much storage space as they can afford. The good news about the My Passport Ultra is it offers the most storage space available in a portable hard drive.


The My Passport Ultra also offers some impressive speed. Bellamy states that the device transfers files quickly, and ranks among the speediest that The Wirecutter has tested. The research, then, is in: the My Passport Ultra is a good choice for any computer user looking for a data backup solution.

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Posted on: 10.18.13