Lower Your Bounce Rate by Engaging Your Visitors

3 Easy Ways to Keep Visitors on Your Site Longer

You’ve just reviewed your Google Analytics and are more than a little surprised to find out that most visitors to your site are exiting within a couple of seconds. This is known as your bounce rate, and if you have one that’s around 50 percent, you need to take some action.

Why is your bounce rate important?

First of all, Google is making the bounce rate part of its search engine ranking algorithm, and a site that features a high bounce rate can certainly have its pages driven into oblivion. What’s worse, since everyone is exiting immediately after they arrive, chances are your site isn’t achieving what you’d like it to. There are certainly cases when a high bounce rate can be a result of your site’s pages loading slowly, but assuming that’s not the situation, we’re offering three tips to help you keep people from leaving your pages swiftly.

  • Use video – The use of video or other multimedia content can make a dramatic difference in many ways. First of all, video has shown to be a factor in not just reducing bounce rates, but additionally in boosting user engagement, increased traffic, (YouTube embeds strengthen your rankings) and increased sales and preferred actions. The identical content of some 1500 to 2000 words offered in a video, audio or slideshow will frequently be viewed in its entirety.
  • Make better and more readable content – Often content is posted onto a web page as one big blob. Do your best to split up your content into shorter, more readable paragraphs, and use subheads, bullet points or lists to break up the monotony. Images help convey points as well, and are visually appealing to the eye.
  • Highlight related content on your site – Very often you will have content on your site that is directly related to the piece in question. Be sure you link to other content on your site that people may be interested in, and give them a reason to stick around! This could be as easy a fix as using a Related Post plugin if you have a WordPress blog.

Posted on: 09.05.14