Make Your Twitter Feed More Interesting: 7 People

So now that you have Twitter you’ve probably followed coworkers, clients, and friends. But maybe you are curious about more then what your coworker did over the weekend.

Well, lucky for you, almost everyone has a Twitter now.  This includes celebrities, scientists, entrepreneurs, and legislators and you could follow them and listen to what they have to say.

Below is a list of 7 interesting folks that you may choose to follow to make your Twitter experience more entertaining:

  1. Conan O’Brien: This talk-show host’s tweets are always entertaining, follow him @ConanOBrien. An example of the kind of wit you will find on his Twitter is: “I wonder if my car’s blind spot compensates with a heightened sense of touch and smell.”
  2. Marissa Mayer: You may not know Marissa Mayer, but if you like technology, she’s worth a follow. Mayer is the first female engineer at Google. If you would like some interesting tidbits about Google and a look at the life of a tech expert, follow @Marissamayer.
  3. Mike Massimino: For anybody who is thinking about what life at NASA is like, follow this astronaut’s Twitter feed: @Astro_Mike
  4. Rainn Wilson: Fans of NBC’s The Office know Rainn Wilson as beet farm owner and top salesman Dwight Schrute. He also runs one of the most entertaining Twitter feeds available at @Rainnwilson. An example of a recent Tweet: “If I had a bird, I would call it James VanDerBeak.”
  5. Ryan Penagos: Are you a comic book fan? If you are, you should follow @Agent_M. Penagos. This is Ryan Penagos’ Twitter; he is the editorial director of Marvel Comics. He’s an active Tweeter, updating his followers about his favorite comics and new video games that are being released.
  6. Barack Obama: You can get a peek at the everyday life of the Commander in Chief @BarackObama.
  7. Bill Gates: You might not like Microsoft Windows, but you should still check out the Twitter feed of Bill Gates. The man has made an undeniable impact in the tech world. And today, he and his wife are devoting their time and energy to important charitable causes.

Posted on: 03.07.12