Are You Making Some of These 5 Social Media Mistakes?

You probably think it’s enough to be involved with social media at all, but let me be the one to break it to you: there are some grievous errors you could be making with your social media marketing that will not only cost you followers, but hurt your brand long term.

All too often we blunder into it, and not just fail to produce any results we can point to, but can in many cases actually hurt our own brands by unintentionally making several easy to make mistakes. Let’s take a look at what these mistakes are, and how to avoid them.

5 Social media marketing mistakes to avoid

  • Not being visual – These days people are all about wanting to view, not read. So whether you have a video, cool image or unique infographic, rest assured that your visual content will be read more, engaged with more ,and ultimately be acted upon much more.
  • Constantly selling – Put yourself in their shoes: do you enjoy having sales messages in your face all the time? No. Neither does your audience. Strive to make your sales pitches no more than 20 percent of your content at most.
  • Making negative comments disappear – This is a big no-no. If people detect that you are managing your social media in this fashion, they’ll not trust you in any way. It just looks as if the complainer was right, and you’re attempting to hide it. Instead use this as a chance to show awesome customer service!
  • Don’t buy likes and fans – Even though this appears on the surface to be an easy way to pump up the volume on your social media, the truth is it will have the opposite effect. The social networks won’t like it, and any real fans or followers you have will see right through it.
  • Don’t use LikeBait – LikeBait, as its name implies, is the act of bating people to like your post or page by crafting a controversial or otherwise titillating headline to get people to click or like. The thing is, there is usually not real or relevant content behind the headline. Facebook hates this as well, and is changing their algorithm to exclude it. Don’t be that guy.

Posted on: 12.17.14