Manage Projects More Easily with These Online Tools

Keeping track of your business’ projects in conjunction with multiple team members in different parts of the nation can be challenging. How can a small business keep track of this, make requests from those working offsite, share updated information, and documentation and also assign new tasks?

Project management solutions

Fortunately, several companies offer top-notch project management tools for small business owners. By using these tools, you can keep your numerous projects on track and avoid costly missed deadlines. Here is a quick look at some of the best project management tools currently available:


Basecamp remains one of the most widely used online project management tools for entrepreneurs. There is a simple reason for this: It features an easily understood interface that lets you easily manage any of your small business projects. You can access the system to communicate with project managers, delegate new tasks, give your okay to submitted documents and marketing materials, or plan meetings. You can even allow your clients to access Basecamp to allow them to offer comments on the work that you as well as your team have already completed.


Inuit business software creators have developed a project management tool called Quickbase.  This tool has many of the same functionalities of Basecamp while being able to facilitate both large and small companies all with a neat and simple user interface.


Some projects call for more creativity than others. This is where Huddle really shines. This project management tool is intended specifically to handle the more creative marketing and advertising projects that small business owners must occasionally take on. Huddle contains a power live-conferencing tool that can make holding impromptu meetings a hassle-free task.


Deskaway permits you to keep clients and employees informed by using snapshots of a project’s progression. It has the functionality to create and post blogs based on individual projects as well as keep in contact about important updates easily.

There are many other choices for project management tools, each with their own benefits for individual businesses. Make sure you look for the one that will help your business manage your projects and personnel the best.

Posted on: 01.06.12