How Managed IT Services Can Help Save You Money

Many people associate the idea of managed IT with sophisticated tech startups—small businesses looking to pool resources and gain leverage on the sleeping giants of the industry.

Although this is true, and managed IT does free up a great deal of resources for tech firms to pursue strategic business objectives, managed IT is just as valuable for retailers, wholesalers and service providers in just about every field.

Modern businesses both large and small need to make efficient use of technology in order to succeed, and IT service providers offer the best means of doing so.

Specific Ways Managed IT Saves

So how can managed IT services actually help you save money? Here are a few important ways, outlined below:

  • Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity—You might not think of your business as a target for cyberattackers, but that’s exactly what makes you vulnerable. Ransomware is by far the most dangerous of cyberthreats, as it can paralyze your business by essentially holding your computer hostage until you pay up. According to Barkly, 97.25% of phishing emails contain a form of ransomware and that 4,000 ransomware attacks occur every day. Whether you run a tech consultancy or a carwash, you’re a target and potential victim.
  • Remote Communication—What if you could log into your business systems to get important data from anywhere on the planet? Maybe you’d be more willing to take that much-needed vacation if you knew that all of your business critical systems were available through a hosted cloud solution and that, if crisis were to strike, you could grab the reins of your business in an instant. This also frees up your time to multitask for effectively, communicating with employees and even remote freelancers with ease.
  • Automatic Updates and Repairs—Ever had a business-critical piece of hardware fail on you at the last moment? If the answer is yes, then you know just how much equipment failure can cost, both in terms of business lost and time lost fixing or repairing the equipment. You could also suffer a hit to your reputation due to faulty equipment failing on you. Managed it services like ours prevent these incidents by incorporating regular testing, updating and hardware repair and replacement into the deal.

If Managed IT Services Are So Great, Why Aren’t More People Signing Up?

They are.

Not only is the average company’s IT budget increasing on a yearly basis, but public cloud IT services are seeing greater numbers of subscriptions every month. The statistics are pretty clear—more than 80 percent of companies who have migrated their business processes to the cloud are saving money.

On a global scale, IT management services are making almost double the amount of income they did in 2014. The simple reason is that are a win-win solution: businesses get better access to IT resources and expertise and IT companies are able to pool resources more efficiently, offering higher caliber results.


Posted on: 05.01.17