Microsoft’s new logos: Too simple?

Poor Microsoft. The company can’t do anything whatsoever without generating criticism. Microsoft is already recoiling from the PR disaster that has been Windows 8. Some critics are even crediting the new operating system with hastening the end of desktop personal computers. Now critics are even targeting the logos that Microsoft has unveiled to identify its programs on Windows 8. Yes, critics are actually making claims that Microsoft isn’t artistic enough.

Lazy Logos?

A user on the Quora information-sharing site recently criticized Microsoft’s newest logos, graphics that represent everything from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Publisher, for being too simple. The images – that happen to be rather stark – look as though they took five minutes to produce, this budding art critic wrote. The critic claims that this trend of lazy logos began with the release of Office 2013 and Windows 8.

Everyone Has an Opinion

Quora is a website that encourages debate. And debate quickly followed . A small army of Quora users argued that Microsoft’s new logos – including ones for Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Office – are actually rather stunning in their simplicity. Other individuals argued that just because a logo is simple doesn’t mean that it didn’t require as much thought and planning as more intricate designs. In fact, the prevailing theme of the counterargument is that in some cases simplicity is best. When you are looking at computer graphics, sleek, simple logos in many cases are the best.

A Growing Trend?

It’s hard to argue with this last point. Microsoft’s new logos do look sleek. And you can instantly tell which logo matches which Microsoft program which, of course, is the job of a logo. You may criticize Microsoft for a number of things – especially for Windows 8 – but when it comes to logos, the company remains on the cutting edge.

Posted on: 05.29.13