Military Technologies That Could Change Our World

The military is an innovator when it comes to generating new technology. In fact, the U.S. armed forces are coming up with some tech that just might transform your life.
Some of what they are focusing on might surprise you.

The laser gun

Science fiction fans have long wondered when we’d get those cool laser guns from Star Wars and Star Trek. Well, the military now has an operational laser gun, a machine known as Excalibur. The Department of Defense has long worried about the damage that standard weapons can cause in urban warfare. That’s where laser guns come in. The Department of Defense’s DARPA unit is presently developing laser weapons that are 10 times lighter than existing combat lasers. The goal is to one day create 10-kilowatt devices that can be used in precision strikes against ground and air targets.

The doctor is in – your body

DARPA’s In Vivo Nanoplatforms program is creating nanoparticles that can sense and treat illness, disease, and infection all from inside the human body. Yes, that again sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but DARPA is definitely moving along rather quickly on this project. The nanoparticles sense certain molecules of biological interest. Researchers are at present working on a complete nanotech demonstration on a large animal.

Thermal imaging on the cheap

Thermal imaging technology is not a new technology, the U.S. military has been using it for a long time, but it’s a little pricey. That has lead DARPA to their current task of attempting to lower costs of thermal imaging technology through their Low Cost Thermal Imager manufacturing program. Ideally, through this work, we will see thermal imaging technology in cell phones and eyeglasses. The applications for this are truly limitless.


Posted on: 08.24.12