Not all project-management tools are created equal

Project-management software can help your teams stay on task. With this tool, you can clearly organize tasks specific to each team member. And once team members complete their tasks, they can quickly check it off your to-do list. But there are many, many project-management tools out there. How can you determine which one is ideal for your business?


Fortunately, has already done the research for you. A newly released review of project-management tool Asana contains a handy matrix comparing Asana to its competitors. The matrix lists the pros and cons with each tool.


The chart comes in a review by Jill Duffy, of the Web-based Asana program . But business owners can use the story to find out not only about Asana — which PCMag loves — but about its many competitors, as well.


Finding the correct project-management tool, obviously, is important. Here’s the truth about project-management software: Some of these tools do way too much and offer features that you’ll never employ. There’s no need to pay for features that your small business will never use. So do the research and discover the project-management tool that is best suited for your small business.

Posted on: 07.23.14